Word Count: 1087 There’s been a number of stories about Romania that I haven’t had time to cover here in my long absence: Romanian party leaders being arrested/investigated for corruption, the President continuing to prove he’s a worthless crook, people dying due to corruption and incompetence, more economic failures and nonsense related to the budget, scandals and resignations, further embracing the role as America’s compliant … Continue reading Sinvergüenza

Romanian Parliament Engages in Epic Stupidity

When I first read this, I honestly thought it was a gag (comedy) article: Romania will also celebrate Men’s Day starting this year. The Chamber of Deputies voted on Wednesday a bill which declares March 8 as the official Women’s Day, and November 19 as the Men’s Day in Romania. The law was adopted with 204 votes for and 16 votes against. Many years ago, … Continue reading Romanian Parliament Engages in Epic Stupidity

For Once, I Almost Agree With the Romanian Gov’t

Is illegal logging a huge problem in Romania? Why, yes it really is, with experts estimating that more than half of all logging in Romania is illegal. So you’d think I’d be quite supportive of this measure: Romania has toughened its legislation in order to protect its natural resources by defining illegal logging – but also any action “which endangers the country’s water, forests and … Continue reading For Once, I Almost Agree With the Romanian Gov’t

Let Slip the Dogs of Protest

Word Count: 1346 A couple of days ago, Romania made a huge splash across the world as news reports filtered in about the good hitting police of Bucharest taking a break from their usual activities of robbing foreigners to discharge tear gas and deploy riot gear against some unarmed shepherds: More than 1,000 shepherds have broken through police lines into the grounds of Romania’s parliament … Continue reading Let Slip the Dogs of Protest