Romanian Senators Report to Master

It’s long since been established that every major politician in Romania regularly gives a detailed report to the American Embassy about everything that’s going on in the country.

Yesterday, the Romanian Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee gave their report (link in Romanian) to their overlord Hans Klemm, the American Ambassador.

For the record, the Senators who delivered this report were Committee Chairman Petru Filip, Eugen Durbaca, Viorel-Riceard Badea, Serban Baleca, Daniel Cristian Florian, and Titus Corlatean.

My translation of the key graf:

The Committee Chairman [Senator Petru Filip]… made a special mention of the fact that Romania has an agreement with the Republic of Moldova which includes intervening to support the government in case the Eastern Partner [RM] has an emergency situation.

Wait a second! Isn’t this exactly what I wrote about last week? Where Russian news was criticized for exaggerating the threat of this happening?

I originally downplayed the importance of the RM-Romania “in case of emergency” agreement to help as I was sure it was originally written for situations like natural disasters but I’m now having second thoughts after Filip is making special mention of this agreement to his overlord.


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