Permanent Sadface

Once again, Romania has been promised one thing and then delivered another by the American government:

U.S. Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm on Monday said he was not very optimistic about Romania’s chances to join the United States’ Visa Waiver Program in 2016.

Yep. I’ve been chronicling this drama for years. Indeed, here’s the same story from two years ago. And here is my story on the same subject from 2013. Oh wait! Here is the same issue discussed in 2011. Yep. At least five years of being tricked by America’s bait-and-switch tactics and no resolution in sight.

Despite doing literally everything that America wants, no visa waivers. And yet Romania keeps getting promised “maybe next year” and then it never happens. Even allowing a foreign military base on Romanian soil (which Bogdan Aurescu and others promised would result in Romania getting a visa waiver) hasn’t been quite good enough.

Oh well, looks like I’ll be writing this same story in 2017!

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