The Farce Continues in Moldova

The big circus in Moldova, caused almost entirely by deeply unpopular pro-EU oligarchs, continues on.

As is right, the OSCE condemned Moldova’s stupid act this week of banning Russian journalists from entering the country:

OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic called on Moldovan authorities on Saturday to stop hindering work of Russian journalists in the country.

For the record, I should mention here that Russian TV channels already exist in Moldova, so it’s not like the government somehow prevented the story from getting out that tens of thousands of people hate the current administration. Banning a few journalists was just incredibly stupid, especially as the ban became a top story on the hugely influential Russian news channels (seen by some 100 million people around the world), and easily the most popular source of news for Moldovans themselves.

Meanwhile, Mr. Midnight, the new Prime Minister Pavel Filip, is set to run to Romania next week (link in Romanian) to beg for help in keeping his job.

He’ll need all the help he can get as today the protests will swell to up as many as 100,000 people (link in Romanian) as all the forces are beginning to align against the dying remnants of the pro-EU bloc. I didn’t get a chance to attend the protests myself but they were loud enough I could hear them about 2km away at my apartment, and they’re not going to go away any time soon.

Meanwhile, Romanian politicians can’t seem to figure out that there’s nobody left in RM to work with to get this country to join the EU. Here’s Bogdan Aurescu (Ponta’s last Foreign Minister) with my translation:

As soon as the government is formed [in Moldova], it’s extremely important that the necessary guarantees are put in place so that pro-European reforms are resumed so that institutions and society in Moldova can be transformed.

No offense to Mr. Aurescu, but it was the leaders of the pro-EU institutions that directly caused widespread protests and the current political crisis.

And, last but definitely not least, the moronic Eugen Tomac just wrote this piece entitled “Why did Romania create the Republic of Moldova?” (in Romanian), in which he completely mixes up history to arrive at the bizarre conclusion that former Romanian President Ion Iliescu “created” RM in 1990 to placate the Russians. I guess Tomac forgot about the fucking war that happened around here in 1990, and how that played out.

Tomac’s conclusion (my translation):

In short, the crisis [in Moldova] has not ended and the protests will continue this winter. Now is the time for Romania to intervene intelligently, through actions and direct involvement. The president [of Romania] should hold a meeting of the security council to analyze what the options are for Romanians living across the Prut [River].

This is the old Romanian fantasy that some Moldovans are Romania’s “little brown brothers” (living, as they do, stranded on the far side of the Prut River, the border between RM and Romania) who need to be reunited in Daddy’s loving arms via a political union with Romania. Or, barring that, big brave Romania should “intervene” to save the beleaguered Romanians (Moldovans who speak Romanian) from the evil Russians (Moldovans who speak Russian) who are maybe 20% of the country but somehow always dominate everything.

Never mind that Moldovans have their own democracy and can vote for what they want themselves, and not every “Romanian” Moldovan is actually eager to be under Bucharest’s thumb.

Eugen Tomac is a member of parliament and a rising star in the PMP party, the legacy of the old PDL party (whose stalwarts include Traian Basescu and Elena Udrea). Tomac is also a journalist and a historian. I’d be laughing except that it’s sadly true.

Here in Moldova, we have until January 30 for this farce to play out, at which time it will (probably) be game over for the brief reign of the audaciously corrupt pro-EU bloc’s brief time in power.

After January 30 we can switch the narrative to how Russia plotted a coup and paid hundreds of thousands of voters to install a Socialist government in power :)


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