Poking the Giant

In response to your letter on December 19, 2018, asking the Central Bank of Romania’s opinion on the emergency ordinance to raise taxes, we hereby send you a series of analyses that we have conducted. We would also like to mention that since we only had a limited amount of time to prepare this report, our conclusions must be considered merely preliminary in nature. Continue reading Poking the Giant

Comrade Teodorovich

Less than a year ago, the ruling coalition decided to replace their existing Minister of Finance with an old PSD party stalwart named Eugen Teodorovici. On the surface, it seemed to make sense. Eugen studied economics in Bucharest and had previously served as the Finance Minister under Ponta, although he was pretty forgettable in that role. He only lasted six months before resigning when Ponta … Continue reading Comrade Teodorovich

The Farce Continues in Moldova

The big circus in Moldova, caused almost entirely by deeply unpopular pro-EU oligarchs, continues on. As is right, the OSCE condemned Moldova’s stupid act this week of banning Russian journalists from entering the country: OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic called on Moldovan authorities on Saturday to stop hindering work of Russian journalists in the country. For the record, I should mention … Continue reading The Farce Continues in Moldova