2016 A Banner Year for Vosganian

If you’re in Paris today, you can meet Varujan Vosganian at the launch of the French translation of his novel, “The Book of Whispers”. The original Romanian version (Cartea Soaptelor) can be found here. I see that Vosganian was in Prague last week for the Czech language launch. I’ve seen Persian, Spanish, Armenian and German language versions for sale, but so far, I can’t seem … Continue reading 2016 A Banner Year for Vosganian

The Net Bag Mini Sack Pack

Following up on my post A Refreshing Drink of Sweet Water Juice, I thought I’d explore some other common words in the Romanian language which have a number of common variants. When I first moved to Cluj-Napoca and I’d go to the grocery store, the clerk would ask me if I wanted a punga. This is probably the most universal word in Romanian for “bag”, … Continue reading The Net Bag Mini Sack Pack

Never Doubt The Power of the Press

In my never ending quest to track down and document every time Romania is portrayed in entertainment media, I came across a strange connection. You might remember a few weeks ago I discussed an episode of Criminal Minds wherein one of the “FBI agents” supposedly recognizes the bad guys as being from Romania because she (the FBI agent) supposedly remembered hearing Romanian from when she … Continue reading Never Doubt The Power of the Press