Indian Director Freezing His Nuts Off in Romania

My Twitter feed has been exploding lately as a popular director named Vikhram Bhatt has been howling about winter while shooting on location near Sinaia:

[Bhatt] is all praise for the local crew who are hospitable and helpful, teaching their `brave’ Indian counterparts how to survive the Transylvania winter. “They are telling us what food to eat and how we can protect ourselves from the blizzards and biting cold. The winter wear we brought with us from Mumbai [remains] packed up at the hotel reception,” Vikram admits. Now, it’s Tuica and Palinca alcoholic beverages distilled from plums for the B-townies.

Love that last line! LOL

Bhatt is in Romania to shoot the fourth installment of the Raaz franchise. Very popular in India and the subcontinent, the Raaz films are… well they’re very typical Bollywood style. Let’s just say that it’s an “acquired taste” and leave it at that :P

I have no idea why Bhatt and company feel the need to shoot scenes in Romania except to add that extra “spice” to (an Indian version of) a horror movie.

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