Now We’re the Victim

One thing I find rather wearisome is when some people in this country get a little bit too caught up in playing the Now We’re The Victim game.

Exhibit 1: Realitatea, a 24-hour news channel with a campaign saying Now We’re The Target:

It burns like Chinese torture
It burns like Chinese torture

Here’s the key passage in the article:

Acum, în proiectul legii Insolvenţei a fost adăugat un articol prin care oricărei televiziuni sau post de radio aflat în dificultate i se va ridica automat licenţa de emisie. Adică, pentru instituţiile media, insolvenţa va fi similară cu falimentul.

or here’s my translation in English:

Right now there’s a bill underway to modify the laws concerning insolvency that will mandate that any radio or television station having financial difficulties will have their broadcast licenses revoked. In other words, insolvency will be treated similarly to bankruptcy.

And here’s the kicker:

Astfel, televiziunea noastră este acum ŢINTA domnului Victor Ponta!

Thusly, our television station is now the TARGET of Mr. Victor Ponta!

Now here’s why I love it – both “sides” are hilariously correct. You can’t blame the government too much for saying to a company hey, you’re broke and out of money so sorry we’re going to take your license away and sell it to someone else.

But on the other hand, I’m sure Ponta would love to see Realitatea go to the wolves, why not? If you had someone on your back, wouldn’t you be glad to see them fade off into the night? And how easy is that, anyway, to point out that your critic is essentially broke when it’s supposed to be a business?

Luckily Romania is real laid back so it’ll be forever before anything happens, otherwise Realitatea would be a blog by now :)

One thought on “Now We’re the Victim

  1. From what I understand, Ponta has it in for Realitatea because, for one thing, they went and reported on the anti-RMGC protests – and were supportive of the demonstrators. Can’t have that now, can we… Oh yes, and they don’t like VP either. This is all about getting even, of course. VP seems to be modelling himself on Putin rather a lot these days…


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