4 thoughts on “Twitter Storm

  1. I think if the dogs are sickly or aggressively territorial, they need to go. I’m an animal lover, but those Romanian strays are no joke. After returning to the States last summer I was a little fearful of all dogs and had to remind myself that kicking a dog in America has consequences. Not that I enjoy kicking a dog, but once you’ve spent time in Romania, you know how important self defense against dogs can be. But I would have to say that I do miss those filthy beasts because it was such a big part of my Romanian experience; and I look forward to returning to my home away from home next spring. Stray dogs and all…


  2. My suggestion might be to come and remove the strays before they are killed? Another solution is to put your money where your mouth is…or to put it another way…Money talks…..BS walks…The dogs have been there for a long time…regardless of who might be at fault, how many more people need be attacked or heaven forbid, killed? Spend your energy towards the dogs…not mindless twitter storms…


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