Gypsies 2, Journalists 0

I wasn’t even going to write about this until I nearly fell out of my chair laughing as I saw that it’s now an international story. If you prefer video, click here for the Euronews report (in English) or click here for the TVR report (in Romanian). If you prefer print, here’s Mediafax, here’s Adevarul, here’s Wall Street (Romanian), here’s, here’s Transilvania Reporter (with … Continue reading Gypsies 2, Journalists 0

Now We’re the Victim

One thing I find rather wearisome is when some people in this country get a little bit too caught up in playing the Now We’re The Victim game. Exhibit 1: Realitatea, a 24-hour news channel with a campaign saying Now We’re The Target: Here’s the key passage in the article: Acum, în proiectul legii Insolvenţei a fost adăugat un articol prin care oricărei televiziuni sau … Continue reading Now We’re the Victim