Awesome! So glad to receive these messages. If you’d like to drop me a line, you can find me on Twitter or else email me and tell me what you think of the posts you read here on the blog, the books I’ve written or even the videos I’ve created.

The tweet above refers to my book The Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania, the paperback version of which is for sale online at Amazon as I mentioned the other day. The good news is that after extensive negotiations, it looks like the Kindle version of the book has been authorized and should be live and available for purchase here shortly.

I’m also working on something I’ve been dreaming of doing for years, an interactive digital version of my book. I didn’t have the skills to do it before but now Apple has a software package called iBooks Author which is simply amazing.

The text of my book is mostly the same but now I can add audio files (such as hearing basic Romanian phrases aloud!), video, photos (including ones that “pop up” with more information when you touch them) and my all-time favorite feature, which is interactive graphics, such as maps you can tap and go right to the relevant information.

In short, it’s almost like a Harry Potter newspaper in that it seems “alive” and magical rather than a flat, static type of book. It’ll only be available for the iPad (as well as iPhone and iPod Touch) but I’m telling you it’s freaking amazing and I’m so thrilled to seeing it come to life, even if it’s quite a bit of work. Should be a week or two more before I can submit it to the iBooks store and then who knows what kind of trials and tribulations I’ll have to go through before it gets accepted and approved and put online.

If THAT all gets sorted and working, I’ll investigate the process of converting it to an EPUB version so that those of you with Android phones/tablets can see it as well. Cool!

Thanks for reading and thanks to all of you for all of your kind support :)

3 thoughts on “Mailbag

  1. Spoken Romanian as part of your guide? Now that is just about as awesome as anything can get. BOOOOYAHH!


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