No Sign of Threat Whatsoever


I rarely felt as safe in a foreign capital as I did in Bucharest. And I am not a naive tourist. There simply is no sign of threat whatsoever. I think Berlin and London are vastly more dangerous. So forget all that crap you hear.

Now do you believe me??

10 thoughts on “No Sign of Threat Whatsoever

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  2. I’ve been going back and forth to Romania for 12 years, lived there for two and NEVER did I feel unsafe. When I lived in Bucharest, I often had insomnia and would go out and walk about Pta Romana and its lovely streets round the back there around str Polona, icoanei etc and never had a run-in with any kind of trouble. Quite the contrary. there was quite a group of regular insomniacs around that we’d recognise each other and have a laugh about it.

    I also travelled around Romania ALONE for a month (train, the back of a horse and cart, hitching) and got furious when people (always non-Romanians) would tell me how mad I was, how dangerous it was. Utter crap. Not a bit of it. I feel safer there than London, New York and Paris… All you need is a bit of savvy, just as you do anywhere else (echoing what Cheryl says above).

    Bucharest, to me, is home. If I could return for good, I would. Truly I would. Unsafe? Naaaa.


  3. I agree 100%…I spent 3 amazing years in Romania and felt at ease. In my opinion the biggest threat would be theft. As anywhere in the world, try to stay in safer known areas preferably with light and traffic. Do not wear gold, hide passport, keys and money on your body but not in back pockets. Always be aware.
    I NEVER felt physically in danger in Romania.
    I look forward to going back.


    1. lui este una intunecata, fara sa fie nepalcuta sau depresiva. Nu stiu cum reuseste. Oricum nu i se potriveste deloc fotografia americana’ cu lumina din belsug; are nevoie de mult joc de lumini si umbre.@ allMultam frumos de aprecieri.


    2. Buna,Vizitez acest site de nu foarte multa vreme, si abia acum am drsocpeeit ca apartine unor romani. Ma bucur pentru asta si voi tine mereu pasul cu voi. Mi-a placut enorm videoclipul. Il voi distribui mai departe. Tineti-o tot asa, sunteti awesome!!


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  4. Well, I’m not sure. I have Romanian friends who tell me it’s not safe to wander the streets alone at night. To be honest I’m not sure what to believe. The only person I know usually has a friend (a guy) with her when she travels late through the city. So the impression I’m left with comes from the natives, not from tourists or business travelers. Perhaps your time there has prepared you in such a way that you know instinctively how to avoid the pitfalls a non native would miss.


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