Si habla Ud. español, por favor marca el numero dos

happycoffeeIf you speak Romanian, you absolutely need to watch this video because for the first time ever, I can explain Project Iceberg. Yes!

If you don’t speak Romanian, or not well, you can skip right to minute 7:00 and see a slice of the amazing adventures I’ve been having lately.

The good news is that the guy being interviewed in the linked clip above, Andrei Palatkas, has been working with me over the past few months. He’s a Romanian guy with a lot of experience behind the camera and he and I serendipitously knew the same homeless gypsies here in Unicorn City. So we both agreed that making a film about their lives would be a really cool thing to do.

What makes it even cooler is that he and I are going to make two movies out of the same material. One will be in Romanian, framed, edited and presented for a Romanian audience, who already is familiar with the issues at hand and can understand subtleties in their own language. That’s Andrei’s bailiwick and that’s what the linked clip at the top is about.

The second movie, however, will be in English, cut and framed by Yours Truly, otherwise known as the guy saying “Buna Ziua” at minute 7:00 in the clip. The trailer is already done and I’m just waiting on a couple of things to go through before I kick off the whole thing. So if English is your primary language, hold your horses, soon you’ll get your goodies too :)

In either case, it’s a beautiful story about some very good and decent people who wanted their story to be told. And I knew that if the regular, awesome, generous, warm people of Romania got to know them then everyone’s lives would improve drastically. Romanians are incredibly giving and kind but you just have to find a conduit to that generosity. If you do, they’ll give you the shirt off of their back.

A long time ago I had a very special friend who once did an incredibly generous thing for me. And when I asked her why she had done it, she told me, “Am vrut sa fac un bun” or in other words, she wanted to do something for the goodness of the act itself. That humbles you. And when you can look back on the good fortune to have these people in your life, it makes you want to share it forward by helping someone else.

So now you can see that I’ve adopted two homeless people here in Romania, which is nice :)

Si eu am vrut sa fac un bun!

6 thoughts on “Si habla Ud. español, por favor marca el numero dos

  1. Incep sa cred ca Sam chiar lucreaza pt guvernul american ca un fel de spion modern, si prin spion nu ma refer la tot ce vedeti prin filme, cu impuscaturi si crime etc…Cred ca el doar aduna informatii si incearca sa o faca intr-un mod cat mai pe fata dar fara sa se observe…Cine stie cate mesaje cod se ascund in postarile lui :))….si la capatul celalalt al lumii vezi niste oameni in costum descifrandu-le…cel mai eficient spionaj e cel facut pe fata, parand prea evident ca sa fie spionaj…dar fie, daca asta e cazul, eu zic ca americanii oricum sunt mai buni decat rusii, desi singura problema e ca sunt departe de noi…spionati linistiti ca gasiti doar mentalitate proasta si prostie pe aici :))


  2. and naming project ICEBERG helpin some homeless? i understand this is a sneaky subtle way of getting you media attention but c mon!!!


  3. am vrut sa fac un bine mai degraba…..and you sound like elmer fudd when speakin romanian ..tone up for god s sake. oh the movie?


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