8 thoughts on “You Know You’re Romanian When…

  1. Sam was pointing out the freeloader attitude of most Romanians, and sadly, from my experience, he is perfectly right.


  2. ok dude, hombre, ember, omule project iceland iceberg ice cream, borracho….if there is handed food to them beggars, they more than likely WILL THROW IT AWAY, but no, they want money, not just crappy change. So in most cases we, the ignorant, are the losers, cheap bastards, in their eyes. that being clarified give those poor fuckers some money! once again, think before you post all that shit


  3. Oh, the merciful international banks who give us money because… well, they just like us so much. :-))))))))

    Beggars aside, collapse without external financial help is not a Romanian attribute by any account.

    First of all, I very doubt there will be any collapse; some salaries might be reduced, some expenses as well and that will be all.

    But many countries are much more indebted than we are. What about Greece? What about Spain? Ireland? Italy? Do you have any idea what the deficit or debt of these countries is?

    And last but not least… USA. Which is the biggest debtor on the planet. This is not a figure of speech, it’s the plain truth. You don’t collapse, of course, because no one can actually collect from you. Why not? US Army would come to mind first and then since the international currency is US dollar and USA prints the dollars (duh!) you can always print as much as it’s needed to pay your debts (by the way, this is not something I’ve made up, an American official actually said it).

    But maybe you’re right, we are not making sound financial planning. We should forget about everything else, invest every penny in tanks, aircraft carriers and such and then, whenever we need money go bring democracy to some country. Preferably someone with oil. ;-)


  4. yes it s clear to me now..this guy wants a slowly cooked outrage…maybe form a group and lead it outwards…he would be happy so happy with a revolution of some sort


  5. Hellooo, I’m afraid you take the things too far now. Many beggars on our streets are more wealthier than the innocent and compassionate retiree old ladies who give them money or food. And I doubt that you’ve met people content to live in such an indebted country. (The photo is inaccurate too – this old man looks like an Indian not like a Romanian gypsy if that’s what you intended to show.)


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