African Choppers

On December 19, 2018, when the “greed tax” was announced, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis went on TV and strongly criticized it.

But even though just the announcement of the new tax crashed the Romanian stock market and cratered the leu (the Romanian currency), that’s actually not what Iohannis was most concerned about.

A Rising Tide of Misery

WORD COUNT: 2036 Wherever you live in the world, if you’ve turned on your television in the past few days, you know that Europe is currently being flooded by a tide of desperate immigrants. Whether drowning off the coast of Libya or just barely managing to set foot on dry land on a remote Greek…

No Sign of Threat Whatsoever

Amen: I rarely felt as safe in a foreign capital as I did in Bucharest. And I am not a naive tourist. There simply is no sign of threat whatsoever. I think Berlin and London are vastly more dangerous. So forget all that crap you hear. Now do you believe me??

Come You Masters of War

From here: American and European warplanes and ships have been bombing Libyan bases and positions of Muammar Gaddafi’s military. There have been 110 cruise missiles fired, according to Britain and the US, and one large airbase alone is reported to have been hit with 40 bombs from an American stealth bomber. Meanwhile aircraft continue to…