Oppa Clujnam Style

I am seriously thinking about buying one of those hidden video cameras, the kind that you wear like sunglasses or record through a pinhole in a hat or something. It’s not because I’m doing some undercover reporting or anything like that – it’s just because my life is so damn interesting.

Truly, it is. Some of it is obvious, like dancing in a club or having hilarious conversations with Gypsies on the street at 5am and some of it is more subtle but my life really is quite an adventure. People often ask me how I can live here and I always tell them, “My life here is awesome. Why wouldn’t I want to live in a place like that?”

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, it’s only awesome because I’m a foreigner and 2 meters tall and I’m rich and I can shoot laser beams out of my eyes. For regular folks here, obviously things are different :P

Nonetheless, while I don’t have a film crew following me 24/7 or some kind of hidden camera in a pair of sunglasses yet, I did decide to take my friend’s advice and film a bit of our night out on the town. My friend is the one in the blue shirt that says “Summer Forever” and gets a little famous by the end ;)

Sorry about the unsatisfactory quality of the video. For one, I’m still using a commercial camcorder and not a professional rig like I wish I had and strongly want to buy. Number two, once again I’m filming in low light conditions, which sucks. And three, for some reason I was recording in a lower-quality format than I usually do so that didn’t help.

Nonetheless, enjoy!

PS – This entire thing was filmed in Club Midi here in Cluj-Napoca. I don’t know the owners or anything but the staff there saw me filming and had no problem with it. This is a nice change because most Romanian club owners are insanely paranoid and suspicious and can’t understand that a fucking YouTube video of their place is free publicity. So yay, thanks Club Midi for being so cool :)

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