A poem for David Ciceo

This weekend I was out at the Unicorn City Airport to pick up the SMG from another one of her endless training-uri when I saw that they were building a new gas (petrol) station alongside the main east-west street here in Cluj-Napoca. The bulldozers were still on site and most of the asphalt has yet to be poured but strangely the large sign with illuminated … Continue reading A poem for David Ciceo

Mad Men

I’ve been extraordinarily pleased with all the feedback I’ve been getting from readers about my new book The Colony. I was even stopped in a local store by someone who was reading the book, which was amazingly cool. I put a hell of a lot of hard work into writing a fast-paced story that’s easy to read and I’m very happy that people are enjoying … Continue reading Mad Men

An Open Letter to the Boys in Powder Blue

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since my arrest last week and talked to a few people and I’ve come to a firm decision. As far as I can determine, you do indeed have the legal “right” to stop anyone and everyone on the street and demand their identification, name and birthday and ID numbers, writing it down in your stupid notebooks. I realize … Continue reading An Open Letter to the Boys in Powder Blue

The Heavy Hand

Here it is, yet another bloody anniversary of September 11, with “my” country about to kill some more Muslim people with the Romanian government’s blessing and assistance, and I don’t know if I can find any words to describe how sad and miserable the whole thing is beyond what I wrote two years ago in The Tigers Broke Free. However something happened yesterday which helped … Continue reading The Heavy Hand