Ponta Defying Barroso

Just last week, EU Commission President Barroso summoned Ponta to Brussels. In a rather sad and pathetic development, Ponta was given an explicit list (nicknamed the “11 Commandments”) of exactly what he had to do for Romania to continue being a democracy.

Ponta later tried to spin it as only a list of “questions” Barroso had asked him about but Gandul has the original document which you can see below. It’s clearly not a list of fucking questions.

do your homework!

Furthermore, Ponta was to have WRITTEN an answer to Barroso as of today. So far that hasn’t happened. The Eye picked up the this video (2 minutes 30 seconds) from today’s EU Commission press briefing.

In case you can’t watch it, the EU spokesperson clearly says “Romanian government (Ponta) was ordered to write a response. So far we haven’t gotten it.”

Just pitiful.

UPDATE: Now Mediafax is saying that Ponta did send a written response to Brussels but that it was rejected for “not being precise enough”.

5 thoughts on “Ponta Defying Barroso

  1. Dear Sam: You’ve acknowledged your loathing for Ponta and Antonescu, but we don’t yet know your reasons for that animosity.
    Online press reports say Basescu is not nearly as popular among Romania’s likely voters.
    So, may I ask, why does your opinion differ? (You had already made known your negative view of Ponta before this “11 commandments” list had become an issue.) Thanks.


    1. I don’t get it. Should he have said that he’s been payed by the evil colonialists?! :)
      I think he has made his reasons quite clear in several posts so far.


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