It ain’t always how you might think it is

I’m a rather positive person by choice, not as the result of my charmed and beautiful life. I know a lot of times people think it’s all just one big fun adventure after another being me.

Case in point – this weekend I was with some friends in the back room of a bar. As they were about to close for the night, I got up and went to the cash register at the front to pay what I owed to the waitress. Some total stranger was sitting right by the entrance and struck up a conversation with me. It was in Romanian but here’s how it went:

Guy: Hey, I know you. I saw you on TV.
Me: Oh yeah? Which one (appearance) did you see?
Guy: Oh blah, blah, blah (clearly the ProTV one from December 2011).
Me: Oh, yeah? Did you like it?

Guy: Nope. I hated it. You’re obviously some kind of asshole.
Me: Well thanks a lot.

Quite frankly it’s been a while since a total stranger and not a friend of a friend (of a friend) came up to me and talked to me about my TV appearances. We had been in the back room of the bar and we definitely hadn’t seen this guy so I have no idea why he would be bearing any grudge against me other than he didn’t like the ProTV segment for whatever reason.

Clearly I didn’t take it too personally as the guy seemed drunk, it was late at night, and who knows what was going on with him. Just was shockingly unpleasant. There are plenty of people in this world who strongly dislike me but a total stranger initiating a situation like that was surprisingly depressing.

Totally unrelated to that, my cat got into a fight (with another cat) and somehow injured her leg. It scared the devil out of me but I think she will be all right.

Ah well… they can’t ALL be good ones.

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