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  1. Giuseppe says:

    I doubt this bastard will keep his promise. It’ll take a lot more than this to get him to offer his resignation. Let’s look at some things the new administration has been involved in, shall we:

    – the Minister of Education fiasco, which is on-going. The new guy is a real idiot.
    – the Mircea Diaconu/Minster of Culture affair that was stretched for far longer than it should’ve.
    – the Romanian Cultural Institute affair, a classic example of ‘fixing’ something that’s not broken… and nor even a priority in this time of economic uncertainty.
    – trampling over the authority of the Constitutional Court and reassigning “Monitorul Oficial” to governmental control, in part to allow Ponta to travel the European Council meeting.
    – a complete refusal to acknowledge that Ponta has plagiarized, despite this being obvious to anyone who has mastered the advanced skill or reading. Plus the whole thing with CNATDCU.
    – the Minister of the Interior openly acknowledging that he called a convicted criminal and asked him if he wants to come to prison by his own accord or if he prefers Police officers being sent for him.

    These are just a few things I could think of on the spot; there’s probably more I’ve missed/didn’t mention.

    Do these seem like the sort of people who care about a little thing like 85 pages of copy-paste? Does Ponta look like the sort of man who would let a small thing like a plagiarism accusation, even a proven one, stand between him and power? I think not.

    And I know what some people will think: “ooh, the only reason you hate USL/Ponta so much is because you’re motherfucking PDL whore.” Well… If that thought makes you feel any better about the current government, then by all mean feel free to delude yourself.

    The truth is I hated the previous regime as well. The truth is that whatever PDL did, it’s no excuse for what USL is doing. And it’s no excuse for voting for USL. I’m not sure that what USL is doing is proof of how cynical they are, or if the Ponta&Antonescu combo is just a couple of political morons… but I sure as hell hope that people see that they’re not an alternative.

    And if Ponta steps down, what next? A small ‘victory for the good guys’ and then were back to the same-ol’ same-ol’. It’s never going to get any better, politically speaking, as long as people choose between the same tired ‘alternatives’.

    Come on, people! Stop letting yourselves be fooled over and over again by the same old cronies and their puppets at each and every election. I’m in no position to tell you what the alternative is, but for fuck’s sake start looking for real alternatives.

    I don’t know about others, but I’d rather take the risk of voting for something/someone completely new, than vote for the same parties and the same people which I KNOW FOR CERTAIN are vile and corrupt, regardless of what new label they present themselves in (like CDR and Alianta DA in the past, or USL today).


    1. Andreea says:

      I agree. I for one am much more willing to vote for PP than either USL or PDL.


      1. Sam R. says:

        I second that motion


      2. Giuseppe says:

        I have to admit that when I was thinking about voting for someone new, PPDD was far from my mind. Surely there’s something better. It’s enough that we have one party with its own television, I don’t think we need a television with its own party too.


      3. Tudor says:

        I hope Andreea was referring to the “Pirate Party” :D


    2. MeatPuppet says:

      Nicusor Dan could have been the real alternative for Bucharest, had the majority of people actually voted for him. Instead, they decided to vote for Oprescu, yet another “doctor”. “64%, you are idiots”


      1. Giuseppe says:

        Yes, I’m sure he would’ve been a real alternative. The problem he had (and pretty much most of these new alternatives will have) is that few people know about him and even fewer people are actually bothered to hear what he has to say in the rare instances that he’s invited to TV.

        In a post-election talk-show he was invited to, he acknowledged the fact that only about 35% of Bucharesters knew who Nicusor Dan was. The fact that he got about 8,5% is a minor miracle and a sign that at least some people are starting to wake up.

        Also it appears that the current laws are biased against independent candidates, which means that television stations are only required to give you very little space. So unless your name is “Oprescu”, if you’re an independent (at least officially, we all know how independent Oprescu really is, for example) you’re unlikely to get much media exposure.


  2. MeatPuppet says:

    Let’s just hope the bastard keeps his promise!
    I’m actually more worried about who’ll replace his sorry ass. Romanians should listen to the Who’s “We Won’t Be Fooled Again” more often, because this shit-circus is getting worse by the day…


    1. Giuseppe says:

      You know what’s funny? I constantly see people ‘voting down’ on comments like this, but I so rarely see anyone try to offer reasons for it; or I rarely see reasons that make sense.

      Let’s take this comment for instance. Voting down means someone disagreed with something in this comment.

      Should we hope that he doesn’t keep his promise of stepping down if he is proven to have plagiarized?

      Should we not be worried about who/what might come next?

      Should we let ourselves be fooled again?

      Is the ‘shit-circus’ not getting worse by the day?

      Perhaps it was the ‘bastard’ bit that irked some folks… :)


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