“Genius” Jimmy Wales Is Coming to Romania

Ah, well this is great news, right? Jimmy Wales, ‘the genius behind the Wikipedia’ is coming to Romania on 22 March within the McCann/Thiess Conferences, informs a release. . During the conference, Jimmy Wales will unveil the philosophy behind the Wikipedia and how he managed through this platform to revolutionise the way in which people from around the world have access to information. The English … Continue reading “Genius” Jimmy Wales Is Coming to Romania


Well as I wrote about on July 4, the current Minister of Transportation, Renu Fenechiu, was in serious jeopardy of going to jail for acts of corruption. Yesterday, to no one’s real surprise, the axe fell and he got sentenced to 5 years along with his brother Lucian (who also got 5 years) and three former directors of the state-run electrical company that all conspired … Continue reading Whack-a-Mole