Christian Missionary Edition

I am very happy to announce the American release of my guidebook, The Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania: Christian Missionary Edition.

Please be aware that the material in the Christian Missionary Edition is virtually identical to the standard version of my book, The Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania.

What sets the Christian Missionary Edition apart is that it has been tailored specifically for the needs and propriety of the thousands of missionaries who come to Romania every year to volunteer their time, money and effort to make a difference in people’s lives. All of the salacious or “racier” parts have been excised, the language and tone is completely family friendly, and I have expanded the sections on the people in Romania, from their beliefs to their culture to their needs.

I wrote the Christian Missionary Edition after meeting with and speaking to missionaries here in Romania and I firmly believe that it will serve them and all other faith-based visitors and volunteers here with a complete guide on visiting, traveling and living in Romania.

The Amazon paperback version can be found here
The (USA) Kindle version can be found here
The (UK) Kindle version can be found – here
The Barnes and Noble Nook version can be found here
All other digital formats (including PDF and EPUB) can be found here

Note: For the foreseeable future, this book will not be sold or distributed inside Romania itself. Perhaps in a few months it will but for right now it’ll only be sold online via the channels listed above. That being said, if anyone reading this would like to acquire bulk copies of this version for volunteers here in Romania, please let me know.