Christian Missionary Edition

I am very happy to announce the American release of my guidebook, The Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania: Christian Missionary Edition. Please be aware that the material in the Christian Missionary Edition is virtually identical to the standard version of my book, The Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania. What sets the Christian Missionary Edition apart is that it has been tailored specifically for the needs … Continue reading Christian Missionary Edition

Further Adventures in (Self) Publishing

Oh my word, yesterday I did something that a normal person would’ve done a long time ago – research the fields of writing, publishing and selling books. You might remember my earlier post on this subject. All of my books (so far) have been self-published, which means that not only did I write them but I also edited them, formatted them and designed the cover … Continue reading Further Adventures in (Self) Publishing

Crappy Travel Guides: Leif Pettersen of Lonely Planet

Oh mercy, now time to address the heavyweight Romanian travel writer of them all, Leif Pettersen. My first travel guide I ever used in Romania was from the Lonely Planet and it is the one I still see most often clutched in tourists’ hands.  And it is this same Leif Pettersen who has done a large share of the writing and researching that goes into … Continue reading Crappy Travel Guides: Leif Pettersen of Lonely Planet