Christian Missionary Edition

I am very happy to announce the American release of my guidebook, The Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania: Christian Missionary Edition. Please be aware that the material in the Christian Missionary Edition is virtually identical to the standard version of my book, The Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania. What sets the Christian Missionary Edition apart is that it has been tailored specifically for the needs … Continue reading Christian Missionary Edition

The Compleat Angler

Last week I had the great fortune to meet an American couple who found me through my book and were fans of my writing (you can read about some of our adventures here). As gratifying as their enthusiastic praise was, by far the most interesting thing about them was that they were Christian missionaries. If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you … Continue reading The Compleat Angler

2 Do-Gooders, Facebook and Bags of Socks

Real grab bag here today, folks. First, a personal blog from a Do-Gooder missionary, writing in English but apparently Swedish, living somewhere in Bihor. Since I never went to school here as a young child, this post is interesting because it talks about the first day of school in Romania: The first day of school here is kind of a confusing mess, to be honest. … Continue reading 2 Do-Gooders, Facebook and Bags of Socks