Hungarian Word of the Day: Buli

One of the easier Hungarian words to pronounce has to be the word buli, more or less just like you’d think it sounds. At least around here, it usually means a “party”, almost identical to the way the Romanian word chef is used. The Hungarian word buli has an interesting history, borrowed first from German and that originally from the French poule, from the Latin … Continue reading Hungarian Word of the Day: Buli

Slang Word Of The Day: Chef

Probably one of my favorite Romanian words of all time is chef (kef), which has a number of interlocking definitions. Let’s take them one at a time: 1. Petrecere zgomotoasă cu mâncare, băutură (și cântec). Meaning: A loud party with food, drink (and singing). 2. Stare de (ușoară) beție și de bună dispoziție a omului care a băut. Meaning: The condition of being slightly drunk … Continue reading Slang Word Of The Day: Chef