Slang Word Of The Day: Chef

Probably one of my favorite Romanian words of all time is chef (kef), which has a number of interlocking definitions.

Let’s take them one at a time:

1. Petrecere zgomotoasă cu mâncare, băutură (și cântec).

Meaning: A loud party with food, drink (and singing).

2. Stare de (ușoară) beție și de bună dispoziție a omului care a băut.

Meaning: The condition of being slightly drunk and in a good mood.

3. Bună dispoziție, voie bună, veselie; toane bune.

Meaning: Being in a good mood, good will, cheerfulness, being whimsical.

4. Voie, poftă, dorință.

Meaning: Desirous, in the mood for, wish(ing).

Adding all these definitions together, the phrase to learn is chef pentru un chef, which means “In the mood for a boisterous party where we drink and eat and get in a great mood”.

Sounds good, eh? Cine are chef pentru un chef? Me! :P

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