Vreau Barbate Silicoane

In case you ever want to be a well-known blogger with millions of adoring fans, heed my advice – never, ever discuss music. Unless of course you’re writing a music blog. Otherwise the songs you like will almost always be ones your readers dislike and all of their favorite songs are anathema to you.

Oh, and whatever you do, do not discuss manele! Strict interzis!

That being said, it’s time to delve into one of my favorite songs of late, entitled Vreau barbate silicoane, another hilarious joint venture between Nicolae Guta and the delightful Roxana Printesa Ardealului. Yes!

Note: The lyrics below are all repeated many times.

Romanian Literal English Normal English
Printesa Da vreau barbate silicoane de o suta de milioane Yes I want man silicons of a hundred of millions Yes, my darling man, I want plastic surgery for my breasts, a procedure costing 10 thousand new lei
si un abonament la sala sa ma fac si eu sucara. and a membership the room for me to make and I beautiful and a membership at the gym so I can make myself look great.
Si mai vreau si la solar ca sunt alba parca-s var. And more I want and the tanning salon because I am white almost I be whitewash. And I also want to go to the tanning salon because I’m practically as white as whitewash.
Si o vacanta de vis la Milano sau Paris. And a vacation of dream at Milano or Paris. Oh and I also want a dream vacation in Milano or Paris.
Printesa Da-mi barbate niste bani, doua trei mi de dolari. You give me man some money, two three thousands of dollars. Come on honey, give me some money, two or three thousand bucks.
Guta De unde atata banet? Sa las casa amanet? From where so much little money? To leave the house pawnshop? Where in the world would I get that kind of money? By pawning the note on the house?
Guta O suta de milioane pentru doua silicoane? A hundred of millions for two silicons? Ten thousand new lei for a breast job?
Da de unde atatia bani ca nu-i fac in zece ani? Yes from where so much money that I don’t them make in 10 years? How could I afford that when I wouldn’t earn that much money in 10 years?
Si m-a innebunit muierea vrea sa-mi risipeasca averea. And to me became crazed the wife wants to me waste the treasure My wife is driving me insane because she wants to waste all of my savings.
Imi vine sa iau toporul si sa sparg televizorul To me it is coming to take the axe and to break the television. I’m about ready to take an axe and smash the TV.
Printesa Vreau barbate sa ma duc sa-mi fac schimbare de look. I want man me to go for me to make me change of look. My darling man I want to go change my look.
Guta Fa nevasta fa ce vrei dar nu pe banutii mei! Do wife do what you wish but not with my little monies! Oh wife, do what you want to, just not on my dime!

Obviously there’s a lot of fun stuff here, including silicoane (literally “silicons”) being the slang for a breast augmentation surgery.

The word sucara is a gypsy word. There are also several “cutesy” ways of saying things used in this song, such as “banutzii” meaning literally “little monies” but I translated it as “on my dime” above.

Plus they’re using the old term for money (millions of lei instead of thousands) and the verb risipi, which is one of my favorites.

It sounds odd in English to say “I’m as white as whitewash” but in Romanian it works because they’re two different words. The “var” (whitewash) is calcium carbonate, the same thing Tom Sawyer used to paint his fence and what Romanians use to paint those mysterious trees.

And last but not least, I like how the English word “look” gets thrown in there.

Plus hey, Guta wants to smash his TV! I’m always a fan of that :P

3 thoughts on “Vreau Barbate Silicoane

  1. Actually, you are more of an american in this section as “translation to normal English” was pioneered by Bill Maher; it gets harder and harder to be original!


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