Radio Interview

Just as a reminder, tonight at 8:00 pm (2000), I will be appearing on Radio Lynx. You can listen live from the website (and call in to talk to me!) and there should be some kind of podcast or mp3 later in case you miss it.

Looks like it’ll be primarily conducted in Romanian language, so for those of you who don’t speak the language, well I’m sorry for you :P

UPDATE: Ok the direct link to the podcast is here. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Radio Interview

  1. Sam, have you considered applying for citizenship? I am actually curious about the procedures to obtain Romanian citizenship, but if there is anyone capable of making that process clear(and possibly less bureaucratic) it’s you! :)


  2. Vai, chiar nu mă aşteptam să ai un asemenea accent ardelenesc. It’s rather strong even for me, un ardelean neaoş. And those little grammar mistakes make it even sound more Hungarian than anything, hahaha. Brilliant. Otherwise I found it oddly clear and very Romanian-sounding. Good job !


    1. Well what I didn’t say on the radio is I spent the whole day with a ton of old Ardeleni guys in a cafe, shooting the breeze (barfa) and I’m sure they had some influence on how my accent came out. I tend to “steal” the accent of whomever I’m talking to after a while – I can sound like a right proper British gent if I hang around enough English people long enough.


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