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Ok folks, as promised, here is the link to the Business Review article about me and some other foreigners here in Romania.

Sam’s blog displays a passion and excellent knowledge of Romania, its people and its culture. Most of his blog posts are analyses of enthralling aspects of life in this country or its language. He has also written a book about his Romanian experience so far, The Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania: 2011, aiming to offer tips and tricks to temporary and permanent visitors to the country.

His next plan is to make a TV show on the same subject, with the purpose of offering a more balanced perspective than either foreign or local Romanian films.

Click on the link for the rest!

And if you like what you read, please be sure to leave a comment on their site.

Note: This article is also in the print version of Business Review but you can only find it in Bucharest. Get your copy today!

3 thoughts on “Business Review Article

  1. Where do you see this “local mania for building “extraordinarily expensive highways” “?

    I mean if there was such a mania surely there would be some of these highways? Where are they? I do realise that possibly as you live in Cluj you’ve had your head turned a bit by that tiny 40km section of road that they have opened there, but Romania is terribly served with roads. I’d say there is a local mania for complaining about the fact that the roads are so terrible, and a national mania (or should that be mafia) on behalf of politicians for pocketing the vast sums of money that were presumably earmarked for these non-existent highways


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