Romania’s National Day – December 1 recognizes Romania's National Day

Well today is December 1, Romania’s big national holiday where this country celebrates its (brief) union in 1918 – not even 100 years ago!

Woke up shocked to see the main Google page had the logo above.

Actually today is a little bittersweet. In 1918, the union all of the various Romanian-speaking lands, which is what this day commemorates, did not last long.

Today all of Bessarabia is now the separate nation of the Republic of Moldova, which has its own fair share of problems.

Northern Bucovina, including where thousands of Romanians (still) live, became part of Ukraine. A southern stretch of Dobrogea is now inside Bulgaria.

Transylvania itself briefly was re-joined to Hungary during World War 2.

All in all, quite a lot of changes in less than 100 years. As a wiser person than I once noted, “Every national day celebrated in Europe is a day of mourning for someone else” and clearly that can be said about Romania’s big day as well.

Still, I got to give them credit for getting out there in the blustery, cold winds lo these 92 years ago and doing something which had literally never been done before – the (albeit brief) union of all Romanian-speaking peoples under one flag.

On a personal note, while the weather is definitely cold today and it is winter, it is far, far warmer than any December 1 I can remember. Usually there are blizzards and Arctic winds for the politicians to have to deal with when giving their speeches.

Happy Birthday Romania!

ла мулць ань, Румыния!


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