Fallout Boys

There is no way to deny that “Transnistria” is the Holocaust name for this land, and it is a name without any historical justification or evidence.

Iuliu Maniu On Street View!

Well it doesn’t work everywhere yet, but the new Google “Street View” look at Romania is now working enough to play with it. So all of you who have ever wanted to “walk” around the crazy, wonderful, glorious mess that is Romania, now you can. Hey look! It’s Cluj!

Romania’s National Day – December 1

Well today is December 1, Romania’s big national holiday where this country celebrates its (brief) union in 1918 – not even 100 years ago! Woke up shocked to see the main Google page had the logo above. Actually today is a little bittersweet. In 1918, the union all of the various Romanian-speaking lands, which is…