Happy Birthday Romania!

Well it’s actually been one year since my first post about today, December 1, Romania’s birthday. Click on the link if you’d like to know more about the history of this day as well as see Google’s custom image they ran last year.

Here is their image they’re running this year (go to google.ro to see it if you’re logging in from another country), preserved for posterity.

La multi ani!

As you know, sometime later this morning (around 7am) they’ll be running the special on me on ProTV so if you’re awake and receive Romanian channels on your TV, enjoy the show. Sadly, I have no way of viewing it or recording it so we’ll see if it gets uploaded somewhere and then I can put it here.

UPDATE: The good news is the entire video is now online! Watch it here. Sorry if you don’t speak Romanian!

How awesome is that promo though? It’s so cool that they put me next to Alexandra Stan. Plus now everybody gets to watch me eat a placinta LOL. I have no idea what parts will get broadcast but for a recap of my experiences in making this show for PROTV see here and the part about that awesome shepherd is here. Gosh you can’t even imagine how happy I am to see that guy made the promo. He was awesome :)

Oh yeah and here’s the direct link for my interview with Groparu. Awesome :)

Happy National Day, Romania!

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