Romanian’s Special Word: DOR

For years and years and years almost beyond counting, there’s one thing that I have continually been told by Romanians. And that’s that there’s a special word in their language that “cannot be translated.” And that word is dor. Last week, the Unsleeping Eye brought me a perfect example of this: DOR: an untranslatable Romanian word for longing. These poems chase DOR across borders of … Continue reading Romanian’s Special Word: DOR

Slang Word Of The Day: Chef

Probably one of my favorite Romanian words of all time is chef (kef), which has a number of interlocking definitions. Let’s take them one at a time: 1. Petrecere zgomotoasă cu mâncare, băutură (și cântec). Meaning: A loud party with food, drink (and singing). 2. Stare de (ușoară) beție și de bună dispoziție a omului care a băut. Meaning: The condition of being slightly drunk … Continue reading Slang Word Of The Day: Chef