Summer Words

With the temperature soaring into the upper 30s all across Romania and Moldova this week, I thought it was the perfect time to learn some summer words! The links (underlined words) go to DEX, the online Romanian dictionary where you can see all the declinations and/or gendered versions of the word. căldură (call-doo-ruh) – Heat arşiţă (are-sheetz-uh) – Scorching heat (literally “the little burner”) ars … Continue reading Summer Words

Slang Word of the Day: Aoleu!

I was listening to manele (as I am wont to do hehe) this morning while cleaning the house and heard this “word” aoleu and it made me laugh as I’ve heard my neighbors use it a million times. It’s an interjection, which means it’s something people suddenly exclaim and is never “conjugated” or modified in any way (grammatically). There are about a million variants of … Continue reading Slang Word of the Day: Aoleu!

Word of the Day: Pusy

The other day I heard a friend of mine use this word and I had to smile. Clearly this word looks like the American vulgar term for a coward and it is almost pronounced the same – but not quite. In fact, you’re not really bilingual in Romanian and English until you can say these two words correctly. Sometimes spelled pusi, in Romanian it is … Continue reading Word of the Day: Pusy

Hungarian Word of the Day: Repülősó

The other day The Woman and I were talking about what are known as smelling salts, a very powerful aromatic mixture given to people who have lost consciousness in order to use a biological response to “jolt” them awake. In ordinary Hungarian the word “só” means “salt” but the interesting thing is that their name for “smelling salts” is repülősó, a combination of the word … Continue reading Hungarian Word of the Day: Repülősó