We Have a Winner!

Yes! Well the votes are in for the First Annual IMRTY Alison Mutler Parody Contest. Ah yes, thanks to all of you who participated! Drum roll please…. And the winner is Lavinia with her awesome article entitled “Vampires Save Gypsies on Romanian Television”. Yay! This was her winning entry, with some slight edits and formats: Vampires save gypsies on Romanian television By Alison Mutler, Associated … Continue reading We Have a Winner!

Casting the Purple Stone

From the Guardian (UK): Basescu and his aides have been known to wear purple on certain days in an attempt to ward off evil. From the Wall Street Journal: Purple, she notes, is a power color. And in most professions, the ultimate question is how powerful you look. From the Independent (UK): Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena, had their own personal witch. … Continue reading Casting the Purple Stone

Romanian Witches Aren’t The Only Ones Failing to Predict the Future

Recently, my aunt was discussing this article from the online website Salon about how there are far more men than women getting their books published (in the traditional way). I don’t know why but I read Salon every morning, even though the writing there (including the linked piece) tends to often be of substandard quality. If you’re looking to improve your English writing skills, avoid … Continue reading Romanian Witches Aren’t The Only Ones Failing to Predict the Future