Transilvania o la salvaje belleza del espíritu

If you understand a little Spanish, click here for a nice travel piece from the leading daily El Mundo on the “savage beauty” of Transylvania. It starts off with a bit of history: “‘Ultra silvam’!, ¡’Ultra silvam’!”, le mordía una voz en sueños al emperador Trajano para que encabezara de nuevo las legiones y capturara el oro sagrado de los Cárpatos. Cuando a los pocos … Continue reading Transilvania o la salvaje belleza del espíritu

The Transylvania Book Fair

After all the research lately into taxes, politics and business, I thought it was time for an unequivocally positive story from around these parts. Last weekend here in Unicorn City was the first Transylvania Book Fair (link to Romanian news article about it here). There are a couple of other book fairs which come to this city but this was the first one dedicated exclusively … Continue reading The Transylvania Book Fair