All Eyes on Moldova

The situation here in Moldova has spawned about a million articles, including now this one from the wise elves of The Economist entitled “A republic, if you can steal it”. Nice title, eh? That’s the Economist’s way of being smart asses. In 1918 the then three-month-old Moldovan republic gave up the struggle for survival and united with neighbouring Romania. It is a sign of how … Continue reading All Eyes on Moldova

The Heavy Heart of Betrayal

I think sometimes the source of our bitterest sorrow comes from those whom we once trusted and let into our minds (and yes, even our hearts) but then betrayed us. I certainly intend to post some “lighter” fare in the immediate future but before I turn and take a rest, time for one last dance (at least for now) with the topic at hand – … Continue reading The Heavy Heart of Betrayal

Don’t Call It Glee

From one of the official blogs of The Economist: Austerity is a dirty word in Hungary, conjuring up visions of slick-suited bankers jetting in from the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, demanding that the government slash and burn welfare and public services. Yet that is what the government is doing, even if it will not admit it. The rest is the … Continue reading Don’t Call It Glee

Taietura Porcului

As someone who writes about Romania in (almost entirely) English, there’s always a risk that I will be badly misunderstood. Over the last 24 hours, I’ve actually had people read my post (on The Economist) and think I was the one saying Romania was racist. If you can’t understand I was saying the complete opposite, perhaps there are other things you’re not understanding as well. … Continue reading Taietura Porcului

Last Verse Same As The First

I was a little puzzled to see yet another hit piece out on Romania from The Economist, this one in the m-fing print edition, meaning literally every member of the English-speaking so-called “intelligentsia” around the globe is reading this garbage. And then suddenly the clouds parted and a golden beam of sunlight struck me squarely in the forehead, opening my eyes: Many Romanians see the … Continue reading Last Verse Same As The First