Comrade Teodorovich

Less than a year ago, the ruling coalition decided to replace their existing Minister of Finance with an old PSD party stalwart named Eugen Teodorovici. On the surface, it seemed to make sense. Eugen studied economics in Bucharest and had previously served as the Finance Minister under Ponta, although he was pretty forgettable in that…

The Flipping Witch Tax: Gone for Now

If you speak Romanian, click here. If you prefer English, click here. Looks like the bill to legalize, tax and regulate “witchcraft” in Romania has been shot down. Whew, a moment of sanity :)

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. -Mark Twain I have a confession to make. Many, many moons ago, my roommates and I were living in a perpetual state of poverty and were looking to make some cash. A friend of ours came across a table of statistics used for some…

Romanian Witches Aren’t The Only Ones Failing to Predict the Future

Recently, my aunt was discussing this article from the online website Salon about how there are far more men than women getting their books published (in the traditional way). I don’t know why but I read Salon every morning, even though the writing there (including the linked piece) tends to often be of substandard quality….

The Flipping Witch Tax: Part 2

Back in January, I seriously hoped I had heard the last of the flipping witch tax but alas, it is not so. My unsleeping internet “eye” picked up a gaggle of idiots chortling about the witch tax and I managed to track it down to this AP report filed by an anonymous reporter and released…