Corrections, Confessions and Questions

My goodness! Lately I’ve realized I’ve let a few errors slip past my usually stringent editing process so I thought I’d take the time to correct them. I’ve also been getting some interesting messages lately, and I’ve been asked some amusing questions. Let’s begin, shall we? In my post A Filing of Childish Happiness, I wrote about my discovery of the most delicious soft drink … Continue reading Corrections, Confessions and Questions

A poem for David Ciceo

This weekend I was out at the Unicorn City Airport to pick up the SMG from another one of her endless training-uri when I saw that they were building a new gas (petrol) station alongside the main east-west street here in Cluj-Napoca. The bulldozers were still on site and most of the asphalt has yet to be poured but strangely the large sign with illuminated … Continue reading A poem for David Ciceo

The Scolding of Righteousness

As I mentioned in my post about how I learned to speak Romanian, there exists something in this country which I call the Righteous Scolding, known in some parts as the Scolding of Righteousness. I got to bust out a good Scolding of Righteousness yesterday and I’m about to pitch a big one on Monday so I thought I’d go into it in more depth … Continue reading The Scolding of Righteousness