On Monday you can pay for your coffee with a poem

Originally posted on positivenewsromania.com:
? Romanians will be able to buy coffee with poetry in over 200 coffee shops from around the country. The manifest campaign called “Pay with a poem” will take place for one day only, on the 21st of March, 2016. The campaign started in 2013 when 6,300 poems were gathered.In 2014 on the International Day of Poetry coffee lovers visited 150 coffee shops… Continue reading On Monday you can pay for your coffee with a poem

Happy 1-Month Anniversary!

Wow! Exactly one month ago, I completely revamped the site. I’m guessing most of you like the changes as traffic is between 2-3 greater, as far as I can tell. Awesome! I’m definitely loving all the likes, comments, input, shares and other signs that you guys (and women! and transgendered people!) are enjoying the new format. I’m also excited to announce that we’ve got one … Continue reading Happy 1-Month Anniversary!

Another 10 Reasons Why Moldova is Awesome

I will always love the nation of Romania but now my journeys have taken me to the Republic of Moldova. This country is often given short shrift, especially by Romanians, as a smaller, more “inferior” nation. My natural spirit is to look on the positive side, so what follows are another 10 reasons why I am enjoying my new home. 11) The ties that bind … Continue reading Another 10 Reasons Why Moldova is Awesome