Lay on, Macduff!

I have to admit that yesterday my curiosity was greatly piqued by the way certain information was transmitted. The big “super immunity” story, by which the Romanian Parliament re-classified themselves as private sector employees in order to escape jurisdiction by the anti-corruption agencies, was a hot topic all over Romanian media yesterday. What surprised me though was that Alison Mutler and the crew down at … Continue reading Lay on, Macduff!

Sowing the Wind

What else can I say except that I told you it was going to happen? Mattanza di cani in Romania #romania #dogs #massacre LA CIVILTÀ NON RISOLVE COSÌ I PROBLEMI — Federica Chirico (@FedericaChirico) September 25, 2013 #SHAMEONYOUROMANIA #STOPKILLINGDOGS #romaniastopanimalabuse — Sarah J (@binnie12000) September 25, 2013 Romanian court: Stray dogs can be euthanized BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — A bill allowing stray … Continue reading Sowing the Wind

Told Ya

After writing The Perfect Dog Storm and following it up with my Rebuttal, I knew that eventually I would be proven right. I knew it even though I’m sitting here behind my desk and more than 300 kilometers away from what happened down in Bucharest, because unlike the lazy and incompetent police, I’ve actually worked a case or two in my life. I saw this … Continue reading Told Ya


A few weeks (months?) ago I had to adjust the comment settings on this blog because we were getting inundated with a ton of spam, including “comments” written entirely in Chinese (I know, WTF?) so I made it so that I personally had to approve a person’s ability to comment (after which, the person can post freely). I got a lot of comments from new … Continue reading Rebuttal

The Book of Revelation 9:10

I’ve been busy as hell lately, celebrating birthdays, taking more homeless people to the doctor, nursing a cat with a broken leg (she’s okay now, thank goodness) and doing a ton of writing for my new book but I’ve still had time to keep an eye on the news and it’s been a doozy here in Romania lately. Isn’t it always? – The fallout from … Continue reading The Book of Revelation 9:10