Squaring the Dog Circle

Woah! Sometimes you almost give up hope on some enduring problems in Romania but this story is amazing: Stray dogs could be used in pet therapy programmes for children with disabilities. This is the ambitious idea from Vier Pfoten, a non-profit association that has recently opened a service centre for its unique care in Bucharest. The link above is a poorly-translated version of this amazing … Continue reading Squaring the Dog Circle

Wild Dogs Kill Romanian Bison

Here’s an interesting story if you don’t mind a bit of hyperbole: Huge financial efforts, determination and manpower dedicated to protecting a species that was close to extinction in Europe 100 years ago went down the drain in Romania, after a pack of feral stray digs attacked and killed some of the very few bison in the Southern Carpathians. This story was written by a … Continue reading Wild Dogs Kill Romanian Bison

Let Slip the Dogs of Protest

Word Count: 1346 A couple of days ago, Romania made a huge splash across the world as news reports filtered in about the good hitting police of Bucharest taking a break from their usual activities of robbing foreigners to discharge tear gas and deploy riot gear against some unarmed shepherds: More than 1,000 shepherds have broken through police lines into the grounds of Romania’s parliament … Continue reading Let Slip the Dogs of Protest