Told Ya

After writing The Perfect Dog Storm and following it up with my Rebuttal, I knew that eventually I would be proven right.

I knew it even though I’m sitting here behind my desk and more than 300 kilometers away from what happened down in Bucharest, because unlike the lazy and incompetent police, I’ve actually worked a case or two in my life.

Sadly out of beer money
Crying over spilled beer

I saw this piece of shit woman last week on TV as she entered the courthouse, being summoned to give testimony in the case of her two grandsons being attacked by dogs, one of them mauled to death, while she was supposedly “watching” them. Grandma was smiling and beaming for the cameras, tickled to death to be given so much media attention.

But that was last week. This morning the gossip tabloid CANCAN published pictures and video footage showing that the two boys were playing completely unattended on the morning of the incident, Grandma nowhere in sight.

Furthermore, a witness named Liliana Murgu spoke to CANCAN, saying she had seen the grandmother drinking beer and smoking cigarettes with some other elderly folks in the park, the children nowhere to be seen. Mrs. Murgu thought the old lady was there by herself as she didn’t see the children anywhere around her. All Mrs. Murgu heard the grandmother say (before the children were attacked) was that her “feet/legs hurt” and that’s why she was staying put on a park bench, drinking and smoking.

Witnesses often come forward later with trumped up stories but CANCAN got their hands on surveillance footage of the park, which you can see at the link. Even if you don’t speak Romanian it’s quite clear that Ionut (age 4, the child who was killed) and his brother Andrei (age 6) were running around completely unsupervised. Remember that this is Bucharest, an enormous city full of dangers for little children and yet Grandma is getting her drink on at 9:30 in the morning while her two young grandsons are running around wild.

The footage shows that at around 11:30am the surviving brother Andrei re-enters the park with a man. It’s not clear who he is but presumably after the two boys wandered off into private property and had the encounter with the dogs, Andrei ran back to the park to find his grandmother and then told this as-yet-unidentified man that he needed help, the man escorting the little boy back to his grandmother.

From the CANCAN report:

Potrivit imaginilor de pe camerele de supraveghere, la ora 11,36 Andrei, baiatul cel mare a fost adus in parc de un barbat. Ciudat este insa ca bunica a anuntat la 112 peste aproape o ora.

My translation of this:

According to the surveillance footage, at 11:36 am, the older brother Andrei was brought back into the park by a man. Strangely, the grandmother did not call 112 [the emergency number] for nearly one hour.

So the man brings Andrei back into the park where they presumably locate drunken granny and have some extended discussions about where younger brother Ionut is. Remember that he’s off the park property and lying dead in some bushes quite far away.

Of course it’s not just this criminally negligent grandmother who failed to do their job that morning. CANCAN continues:

Apelul a fost facut la ora 12,22. 15 minute mai tarziu, in parc au ajuns trei echipaje de politie, care au pornit in cautarea micutului.

Which my translation is:

The call [to emergency services] was at 12:22 pm. Fifteen minutes later, three police teams arrived which then began to search for the [missing] little boy.

Wait a goddamn minute. FIFTEEN MINUTES later? Are you kidding me? If someone calls the emergency number and says “my kid is missing and presumably injured or dead” (remember that the older brother told his grandma that his brother had been killed) then you’d think the police would get their ass to the park at top speed. What’s more important than an emergency call about an injured child for christ’s sakes?

On the CANCAN footage you can see these lazy bastards slowly ease their vehicles into the park, no lights flashing whatsoever, taking their sweet time responding to the “emergency” call. From there eventually the dead boy is found and someone calls the mayor, who is missing in action and probably screwing his mistress, and then all hell broke loose as the media got the story.

It’s not shown in the surveillance footage but we can easily presume that the cops didn’t interview any of the witnesses in the park because it’s clearly CANCAN’s job to solve murders, not theirs. The police got the grandmother’s ID and wrote it down in their little notebook and called it a day, having fulfilled their one and only obligation in the case.

As far as I’m concerned, the protesters with their bullshit fake dog photos and the idiots who have been ruthlessly slaughtering innocent animals since this story broke can all go fuck off. I told you it was the grandmother’s fault and now there’s witness statements (on top of those released to the press earlier from other people) and surveillance footage to back it up.

Go fry in hell, you drunken old witch.

7 thoughts on “Told Ya

  1. 1. It took those dogs just a couple of minutes to finish off a 4-year-old child, so does it really matter if the kid were unsupervized for 5 minutes or 2 hours? The degree of supervision is hardly relevant in this case,wouldn’t you think? Even admitting that this was un unattentive adult, the circumstances hardly accuse her.Plus, what chances does an old lady have against preventing an attack from o pack of wild dogs? Hell,I’ve been in some of these stray dogs attack situations and all I could do was climb on a car or seek refuge in an enclosed space.
    2.What really infuriates me about your comment though is the observation about the beer drinking and smoking. What a bunch of puritan bullshit. She wasn’t driving or operating hazardous machinery, she was baby-sitting 2 boys in a playgound. This is coming from a parent who smokes and drinks beer, including while taking my daughter to the park.You people that don’t have children to take care of should be more restrained in your comments, you have no idea what kind of compromises we have to make.
    3.Conclusion: you are barking at the wrong tree here, the real culprits are people who protect dogs so much that they have no problem having wild animals in cities threatening our life and health.Those fucking old ladies that jump in front of dogcatchers (Yeah, I live in Bucharest and I’ve seen those scenes when Basescu tried to wipe them off). And those NGO-s sucking funds for meaningless campaigns,while providing cosy jobs and lucrative contracts for themselves.


  2. Can someone tell me the truth about little Ionut please? Was he raped and killed? Was he murdered? Or was the poor little one’s death an accident?
    I’ve seen so many different reports that I don’t know what went on except that this innocent child died :(
    As for the grandmother – I hope she rots slowly in hell whilst still alive!


  3. It’s not the only one and there’s CVT yelling about Ionut being killed by a paedophile child murderer, too… many stories flying around, but it’s true, CanCan is NOT the most reliable of sources (!! understatement). Basically though, you’re right, Sam. Totally irresponsibe grandmother who is not only to blame for her grandson’s death, but also the foul, debased and inhuman murdering of innocent dogs (clubs, hammers, axes, pitchforks – you name it, it’s been used) along with attacks on owners innocently walking their four-legged friends in certain parts of Bucharest. She has a great deal to answer for – as does the media who have mislead, lied, misguided and bullshat – as usual – since poor little Ionut met his terrible death.


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