Sowing the Wind

What else can I say except that I told you it was going to happen?

A sad day indeed for this country.

8 thoughts on “Sowing the Wind

  1. omg, omg, omg! Some foreigners are thinking bad things about us! Quick, this can not be, we have to please everybody, every single foreigner! Of course, euthanasia is legal in many western countries, but hey, Romania can not do this, it is hurting the feelings of Maryanne and Soroya…


  2. There is a way to prevent the slaughter. Give your money to organization building the shelters taking care of the dogs. Don’t blame the government for wanting to protect people from the dogs. Blame yourself for not following through with actions, not words.


    1. If those in charge would’ve acted at the right time in the best interest of the citizens they wouldn’t have had such a big problem to begin with. But that’s a big if as it implies caring about the people, long term vision and coherent actions. Their solution is just a quick fix and given the general incompetence I expect the problem to persist.

      The abandoned pet issue is common in other countries too (except Germany probably). The difference lies in the regulation, as in rules which are enforced. Romania has rules and laws but the enforcement is random. The general perception is that laws and rules are just broad guidelines which are in no way mandatory and the control component is right next to zero.

      I like how the discourse is organized around the theme of a “civilized capital”. A civilized society is made of (a majority of) civilized people, not civilized dogs that don’t bite and clean their own poop off the street. Leaving the culture, refinement etc. aside, the basis of any civilization is a well organized society.

      Killing the dogs will shut up the media temporarily and the problem will be forgotten, thus “resolved” and no steps will be taken to avoid similar problems in the future.

      You can kill the dogs, but that doesn’t make you civilized.


      1. Valis, i agree with most of the things you are saying, except-this is only a small part an abandoned pet issue- most of the dogs are the offsprings of the dogs that people had when ceausescu demolished people’s homes in order to bild blocks of flats, and the dogs were not pets, those dogs had never seen the inside of a house, just like the chicken or the cows were not indoor animals-they were not animals to be taken by the owner to their new appartament imposed by the comunists. Anyway, this happened before i was born, and i remember when i was a kid during the comunism, groups of 20-25 stray dogs i could see from my window during the night. I have seen every year new cubs on the street, and always the mother arrownd, so they were born there, not abandoned pets. Probably there are some that are abandoned, but i guess even the incompetent people in charge could manage with those.

        I do not particullary want them to be euthanised, but i don’t think they will be euthanised (or adopted, or sterilised, or any other solution) faster than they reproduce. So-regarding your last line- we can not kill the dogs, we will just kill some dogs. And yes, i agree, this will shut up the media and the problem will be forgoten, thus “resolved”


  3. Sam: Please advise those of us outside of Romania on how best to proceed. Many of us have followed this issue since learning of the President’s new slogan — Humans are above dogs. We have signed numerous petitions, written to our representatives in both our home countries and the EU, repeatedly contacted mainstream presses, and organized demonstrations in many cities across Europe. The few representatives that have responded commiserate with us, but then emphasize that they are powerless to do anything. If those in power are powerless, should we all just suit up in superhero, lycra-reinforced, action wear? And do what? Where and how should we apply the pressure now? Many, many thanks for any wisdom you can offer. — Guardian to two Romanian emigre strays.


  4. Similar laws exist in all European countries and not only. More so, they actually enforce them (which I doubt will happen in Romania) thus they have much more “blood on their hands.”

    So my curiosity is why these brave animal rights fighters do not stop the killing of stray dogs in their countries first?


    1. Mihai, I’ve come to the sad conclusion that “civilization” currently means to know how to sweep your own garbage under the carpet while screaming blue murder about other people’s garbage. Disgusting scums? Disgusting hypocrites and, for all I care, they can take their opinions and “civilization” and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine. And I really don’t feel sorry for the language.


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