Bicycles In The Basement

You know, pretty soon I’m going to have to make a new category of posts, one called “Twilight Zone” or “High Weirdness” or “WTF Shit That Happens In Romania Damn Near Every Day”. Certainly today’s post will fall under that heading because after I read this, I almost lost it. If you don’t speak Romanian, Mariana Campeanu accused Roberta Anastase of hiding thousands of bicycles … Continue reading Bicycles In The Basement

D4 Damager With the Ill Behaviour

I’m starting to realize I’m in the wrong line of work. Here is more wisdom from the almighty pen of Alison Mutler: Romanians are known to be security conscious, but when the parliament speaker was accompanied by six security officers funded by the taxpayer to the hairdressers, some considered it too much. Click, a daily newspaper, has reported Wednesday that Roberta Anastase was guarded by … Continue reading D4 Damager With the Ill Behaviour