Bicycles In The Basement

You know, pretty soon I’m going to have to make a new category of posts, one called “Twilight Zone” or “High Weirdness” or “WTF Shit That Happens In Romania Damn Near Every Day”. Certainly today’s post will fall under that heading because after I read this, I almost lost it.

If you don’t speak Romanian, Mariana Campeanu accused Roberta Anastase of hiding thousands of bicycles in a basement in Ploesti, these bicycles being purchased with government money and these bicycles supposedly to be given away during an election campaign as a kind of “bribe” to induce voters to support Anastase (and the PDL party). The first problem is that this is a batshit crazy thing to say because, of course, there are no “vote buying” bicycles stashed away in any basement.

The real problem though is that Mariana Campeanu is not some internet nutter but the current Labor Minister of Romania. She is a member of the cabinet. Christ! I think we can safely call this one of those situations where you either cry or laugh, so I’ll go ahead and laugh because the alternative is far too frightening.

Seriously though, I don’t know what is is about my girl Roberta Anastase, but she drives everyone from Ponta to Alison Mutler absolutely fucking insane. I guess she’s doing something right!

9 thoughts on “Bicycles In The Basement

  1. Yeah, “your girl” knows how to do sth very nicely: high treason. Cause last time I’ve checked she passed a law that actually failed on just her say so. There was a vote in the Chanber. The law did not pass there were some 40-60 guys total. This was all FILMED by the Parliament’s own cameras and it’s been on all tv channels, including TVR (which was pro-PDL at the time). THe bitch Anastase waid the law passed with 140-something votes FOR. NOw how can out of 60 people one find 140 something that say “aye”? Ey? That’s subverting the rule of law and the constitution and it’s ON TAPE, and nobody did a damn thing. And the most infuriating thing is that it’s so nonchalantly done like a spit in the face of every hard working ROmanian. We have to obey the law, they don’t because they own us, damn mobsters. That bitch deserves exactly what Ceausecu got. Imagine the House of Reps in the US votes on something and there are some 100 guys, 60 vote against, 40 vote for and then Daniel Inouye comes and says “Ok folks so we’ve got 250 for, 76 aganinst, the law is passed.” NO really, I think Texas would secede, LA would riot, things will not just slide. But here you are advocating for this bitch and for letting things slide. GO back whence you came from! Si nu te intoarce. Du-te du-te si s-a dus. As spune ia-ti si curva de Anastase, dar inca mai trag sperante la un proces.


    1. The farmer’s mretaks were my absolute favorite part of our SF trip! I’ve never seen so much fresh produce in one place and it all tasted so good! I enjoy our farmer’s market in town, but we don’t have that kind of variety here. Oh, and I love C’ cute hat ;)


    1. tell me about it! i always try to limit my pucahrses but every single time i end up with shopping bags :) @Boheme.Fille : i love handmade:)Awww, thank you dear!You’re my first follower :*@Princilla : aren’t they just incredible?


  2. You seem pretty certain there are no bicycles prepared to be given as bribe. Considering that since the Revolution the politicians have been given to people as election bribe everything they could think of – even empty buckets – I think it raises the question: why are you so sure that there will be no bicycles given this time?
    Because I am sure of one thing: SOMETHING WILL BE GIVEN and I can bet my life on this. So why not bicycles?


  3. Sam I will volunteer to go with you to search Roberta’s basement for “them Bicycles” hee hee She is kind of cute. I would vote for her even if she didn’t give me a bicycle!

    Romanian politics are not much different from politics here in the states it is just a matter of scale. Here there would be Harleys in the basement. As they say in Chicago,on election day, “Vote early and vote often!”

    Anyway God bless the people everywhere who have to struggle to live everyday while they have Bat Shit crazies running the government! We have our share here, believe me!

    Sam it’s time for you to visit that Shepard again and get back to the good things of Romania. Ha ha


  4. C’mon Sam, don’t you have anything else to write about except romanian politics? Leave the romanian politics to the romanians and your life will be a lot happier. You certainly don’t sound like the king of Romania anymore. And that is really sad :(


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