D4 Damager With the Ill Behaviour

I’m starting to realize I’m in the wrong line of work.

Here is more wisdom from the almighty pen of Alison Mutler:

Romanians are known to be security conscious, but when the parliament speaker was accompanied by six security officers funded by the taxpayer to the hairdressers, some considered it too much.

Click, a daily newspaper, has reported Wednesday that Roberta Anastase was guarded by six officers who waited for her outside the hairdresser’s during a recent three-hour appointment.

Anastase, who was crowned Miss Romania in 1994, is the third most important person in the Romanian state hierarchy and is legally entitled to around the clock security, the Romanian parliament said, responding to the article.

I almost choked when I read her source. The original Click! article can be found here but I’ll warn those of you viewing this from work to NOT click on the article as there are semi-nude women in the sidebar.

If you’re British, think of The Sun. If you’re American, think of the National Enquirer. I’ve mentioned Click! many times before. It is an incredibly stupid, gossip-driven magazine that focuses on celebrities and topless girls. Sourcing a “hard news” article on something that first appeared in Click! is shockingly unprofessional.

Secondly, why are Romanians “known to be security conscious”? Where exactly is that coming from? Roberta Anastase is the Speaker of the Parliament, one of the most important positions in the entire Romanian government. And she has a protection detail. So what? Doesn’t every high-level government official in every country? I mean doesn’t the American Speaker also have an enormous security detail? Why yes he does! What a shocker. He also usually travels on a military plane so he doesn’t even have to mix it up with those troublesome peasants on commercial flights.

The fact that this article appeared in Click! does not surprise me and it does not offend me. It’s exactly the kind of stuff that they regularly write about. But then again they’re a gossip magazine and don’t pretend in any way, shape or form to be a “hard news” media outlet.

On the other hand, the AP is supposed to actually be a hard news media source, providing newspapers around the world with actual stories of interest and relevance. And our dearest Alison Mutler, the chief of the Romanian AP Bureau, is actually trolling through gossip magazines to report this kind of malicious slandering to the world and getting paid (quite richly) for it. Damn, I really am in the wrong line of work! I actually research and write relevant stories about Romania and here I could be getting paid big money to read Click! for “news”. Sheesh what a fool I’ve been.

I mean Oh…Em… Geee… a woman goes to a beauty salon. Shocker! And she has police protection because she’s a high-ranking politician. Double shocker. Call the doctor, I might just have a heart attack at the level of scandal involved. I guess the only thing missing from this article is a comment about Mrs. Anastase’s failure to wear purple to ward off attacks by Dracula.

Ah well, what can you do?

I read Click! every morning. Do you still love me, Romanians?