Oceania Has Always Been at War with Eastasia

Well, folks, you can forget everything I wrote about the other day because it has now been officially Memory Holed.

The Associated Press has now fired the previously anonymous “journalist” who published their one-sentence “story” that nearly sparked World War 3.

Unfortunately, James LaPorta simply had to go. He was a loyal Empire servant, so he’ll bounce back in no time, but someone had to fall on their sword to cover up for for the false flag event that went awry.

James has young kids, so it’s no surprised he said this in response to getting fired:

“I would love to comment on the record, but I have been ordered by the AP to not comment.”

That is not Orwellian at all, no sir.

Of course, the “senior intelligence official” in the American government who lied to LaPorta was neither outed nor lost his job.

Likewise, neither of the two senior editors at the AP who approved the bogus story were fired.

But hey, that’s how the AP works. Their job is to publish lies and then fire any reporter who tries to tell the truth.

So that’s that.

Meanwhile, you’ll be happy to know that Poland has also quasi “apologized” for their official verification that Russia launched missiles into its territory. What they really meant to say was that the (Ukrainian) S-300 missiles were “Russian-produced”.

Of course, it doesn’t matter that literally all the S-300 missiles ever made were manufactured in Russia (or the RSFS during Soviet days), including the ones in Ukraine’s arsenal today.

Meanwhile, nobody has yet figured out a way to explain how two missiles became just one or why the Ukrainian S-300 “air defense” missiles were modified to explode on the ground.

But it doesn’t really matter, does it? This story will be forgotten in a week, at most. Even if a few people in Poland are quite angry at the moment.

Enjoy your chocolate rations, loyal citizens!

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