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I know that Mondays already have a bad reputation, so the last thing that I wanted to talk about today was this:

In case you forgot to mark it on your calendar, today is officially “Romanian Police Day” or, perhaps more elegantly, “Police Day (in) Romania”.

And the above tweet that you see there is from the Romanian Army’s official Twitter account congratulating the Romanian Police on their special day. Which is an official holiday, by the way.

It’s a rather cunning Tweet. If you look closely, you’ll see that it features six people, five of whom are smiling, two of which are young women, and one a guy literally giving us two thumbs up.

Where I come from, the military shouldn’t be so jolly and friendly with the police. But then again, Romania is slowly slipping into a kind of soft fascism.


Let’s have a look at the Romanian Police’s official website on this, their Very Special Day:


I have no idea why, but over the last few years, the Romanian police have been really loving those young kids.

No, it’s not a video game

Good Hitting Police

For any parents thinking about letting their little kids too close to the Romanian police, the United States, Romania’s Lord Protector, has a lengthy report that you might want to read.

Here’s the official list of the kinds of people that the Romanian police like to beat to a bloody pulp:

  • Prisoners
  • People in pre-trial detention
  • Gypsies
  • Homeless people
  • Mentally ill people
  • People with physical disabilities
  • Drug addicts
  • Sex workers
  • Women in general
  • Teenagers
  • Protestors
  • Journalists
  • Germans
  • Israelis
  • Refugees

And all that just in 2018! There’s plenty more ass kicking and head stomping in previous years, too.

Surprise, You’re Pregnant!

But why is March 25 Police Day in Romania? Is it when the first police force in Romania was formed?

No. That happened kinda, sorta in 1806, and then it kinda, sorta happened a few other times. First, the “police” both protected the capital as well as well serving as a guard force for rich people. By 1848, the became a kind of half-military organization subordinate to the city guard.

And on and on it went until World War 2, when all the various police forces combined to become the “Militia.”

Therefore, there’s about half a dozen dates on the calendar that you could pick to be Police Day. In 2002, the parliament decided to pick March 25. Why?

My translation:

This date was chosen because it is the date of the Christian festival of the Annunciation that was depicted on the flag of the Great Aga. This symbol appears today on the official flag of the Romanian Police.

What can you say to that?


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