The Hollow Men

Another day in the funhouse world that is Romania. First, the European Court of Human Rights has – yet again – ruled against Romania, this time for torturing people. From the ECHR: Romania committed several rights violations due to its complicity in CIA secret detainee programme. In today’s Chamber judgment, in the case the European Court of Human Rights held, unanimously, that there had been … Continue reading The Hollow Men


Word Count: 1087 There’s been a number of stories about Romania that I haven’t had time to cover here in my long absence: Romanian party leaders being arrested/investigated for corruption, the President continuing to prove he’s a worthless crook, people dying due to corruption and incompetence, more economic failures and nonsense related to the budget, scandals and resignations, further embracing the role as America’s compliant … Continue reading Sinvergüenza

The Mysterious and Terrifying Case of the Chinese Foot Leg

Hey, it’s Friday so time to have some fun and no more boring stuff about the IMF or going into detail about how one of Daddy Isarescu’s best pals just got installed as a VP of the EIB because it’s time to have some fun. What do you say? Yay for fun and boo for boring stuff. A couple of days ago, the ever-vigilant and … Continue reading The Mysterious and Terrifying Case of the Chinese Foot Leg